First German Freestyle Battle

While hanging around at the German SURF Festival in Pelzerhaken, Baltic Sea, a couple of Germany’s best freestyle windsurfers decided to run a pure freestyle competition. This idea came up because we found out that many freestyle windsurfers in Germany were very unhappy with the current situation during DWC competitions where the emphasis is put on racing and slalom leaving but little interest and budget for a real freestyle competition.
It did not take long to find a photographer and a camera team as well as some brands to support the event. In the end, nearly all of Germany’s best freestyle riders came together on the beach of Großenbrode to run an elimination. The level on the water was quite high with some PWA sailors like Normen Günzlein and Adrian Beholz attending the competition. The riders judged themselves and we were all quite happy with the fair results even though there were some really close heats. I got fourth place in the end which is a result that I am really happy about. I could land some switch konos, shakas and culos in my heats. We also had a great photosession near a harbour wall. A video about the event is to be released soon.


1. Adrian Beholz ( F2/ Hot Sails)
2. Normen Günzlein (JP/ Neil Pryde)
3. Tilo Eber (JP/ Neil Pryde)
4. Mathias Genkel (RRD/RRD)
5. Max Droege (JP/ Neil Pryde)
5. Johannes Witte ( Naish/Naish)
5. Daniel Schenk ( Tabou/Vandal)
5. Tobias Schwarz ( Windflüchter / Naish)

Pic by Julian Robinet:

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