Supremesurf Big Days done!

Germany's top wave sailors came together on the beach of Ahrenshoop for the annual Supremesurf Big Days competition today. I would not count myself as one of the top contenders in waves, but I still took part in that competition as it usually is quite some fun. And on top of that competing boosts your level. Conditions could not have been worse for me: nuking winds, 3.7 completely overpowered, small and mushy waves. Being a lighter and more freestyle oriented rider, I usually prefer more moderate conditions.  I still managed to advance one round. In the end, Philip K√∂ster, who arrived from Vargas to do this competition, clearly took the win. I was amazed at how many people came to watch his performance. Windsurfing seems to be getting a lot more attention here in Germany these days. Didn't take any photos because of the lack of light and a suitable camera but here's me rigging 4.2 and 3.7. More shots at:


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