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Another Cold Session

The forecast for today announced winds from the northwest gusting up to 35 knots. I wasn't really tempted to go for an overpowered freestyle session in icy conditions so I headed to the nearest spot with some waves. I took 4.4 and the PD Trailer Wave 78, which I like to use in the twin-fin setup when the wind is onshore and the waves are mushy and small. It was quite some fun out there, but with some higher cliffs just behind the beach the onshore wind got killed on the inside. Further out I was completely overpowered. Plus, the waves weren't steep enough for jumping further out. So all I could do was some onshore wave riding closer to the shore. Here are some photos from today's session. Some of them are not very sharp but we are working on that issue.
As you can see, nearly the whole beach got flooded. So this might have been one of the reasons why the waves didn't form as usual on the sandbar.
This is a rather low forward loop off some chop. It was actually hard to …

Wintersurf 1.0

The last three weeks have seen plenty of low pressure systems hitting northern Germany. And the good news is: the wind is going to stay. On the downside, temperatures are gradually falling. The first snow of the year arrived yesterday. But we are still far from last winter's icy conditions. When I saw the snow in the morning, however, I thought that I would just go for one of those short winter windsurf sessions that are usually accompanied by icecream-headaches and frostbitten fingers. Once at the spot, the weather slowly improved, the snow melted and the sun ever so often lurked through the clouds. It didn't take long to get on the water and the more moves I did the warmer I got. In the end, it was one of the better freestyle sessions as it was so nice to see the sun after all that rain, drizzle, hail and snow we've seen these last days. Here are some photos from that session and also a video which I named Wintersurf 1.0 as I'm planning to do a series of similar flic…

gusty evening session

I got in a short and gusty session yesterday, just before leaving for Hamburg to collect two new sails from Sailloft. Conditions were far from perfect but still quite some fun as the wind was cross-off port tack. My range of the new four-batten Sailloft Quad is now complete with 6 sails ranging from 5.2 to 3.6. I can actually only recommend this sail to anybody who wants a modern, powerful, light sail that is also durable. Here's just one picture from yesterday, but there's definitely more to follow as today was a really good day on the water too. A short video should be up in the coming days.