Riding on a Flooded Field

Thomas and Gabriel, two fellow windsurfers from Rostock, convinced me to go windsurfing today. I wasn't really motivated as I wanted to study after yesterday's session. Forecast was for about 16 knots pretty much directly from the north. We headed to Roggow, a spot at the Salzhaff, which is a Baltic Sea inlet. Already on the way to the spot, we noticed that many fields were flooded and that this provided perfect flat water. In the beginning we were only joking about sailing on a puddle just in front of Ikea. But when we finally arrived at the spot, we actually noticed that the whole field behind the beach was completely flooded. Unlike the main spot, this patch of water offered perfectly flat conditions. After testing out the depth of the water, we finally gave it a shot. Unfortunately, the wind was not very strong and quite gusty, too. The 4.6 Sailloft Quad proved to be the right choice as it gives you loads of power, even in the lulls. Luckily, the farmer didn't show up. So here are some pictures from that session. Thomas broke his boom after hitting a shallow patch with full speed and took these photos for a change. What boom would you suggest him to buy (he was using an Aeron V-Grip)?
Finest flatwater, but not very windy
Accessing the spot through a farmer's gate.
 small kono
 a kono-sequence
 a flaka at the main spot - too choppy!
and a small kono with Rerik in the background.
 a grubby
 a crash


Jakob said…
haha nice action, already thought about surfing on a flooded field, but i was afraid of breaking my fins and my nack while crashing :D he really should buy a NeilPryde X9 wave full carbon. pretty amazing these booms ;-) If you need a used one, i know somebody who has X9 135-185 or X9 145-195 for not much money, grip is ok. Just contact if you´re interested!
Mathias Genkel said…
Hi Jakob! Thanks for the comment! My friend Thomas might be interested in one of your booms. (Just search for Thomas Pniok on Facebook) I have got an MB-Fins carbon boom which is just perfect. They are doing the same front piece as Stramlined and it's really good! Lightest boom in the world, with probably the best grip in the world.
Jakob said…
Ich glaube wir k├Ânnen auch deutsch schreiben oder ;) Ja das klingt nach nem hammer Boom, ist aber bestimmt total teuer!

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