It wasn't to be

The uncommonly cold weather that we have seen for about two weeks now has produced a considerable amount of ice on the Baltic Sea. Temperatures fell to about minus 25 degrees on Usedom last night. So this might be one of the reasons why we couldn't sail Neu Mukran today. The whole bay south of Sassnitz was full of ice. That was a real pity, since the wind direction was perfect and it seemed to be quite consistent, too. This is what the spot looked like upon our arrival:
We tried a different spot near Juliusruh. On the way there, roads became worse but we finally made it and had a very short session in mushy onshore conditions. It was quite hard to get into the water because the whole beach was covered with ice and snow, which is quite slippy when you wear rubber boots. On top of that, the first 10 metres were full of crushed ice pushed onto the beach by onshore winds. As the water was nearly chest-high, it was quite hard to move and I started to realize that what we were doing was actually quite dangerous. We had to quit after a couple of runs. Ice was building everywhere. Still a good experience to be out there.


Anonymous said…
sik one Mathias - thats core !!

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