On hold for Tuesday

You know it's winter, when all inlets and estuaries are covered with thick ice and when you see snow-covered beaches on local webcams. You know it's winter when you visit the Baltic Sea ice service website to check the current ice-situation at your local beaches. You know that windsurfing is an addiction when you still think about going out... But what are you supposed to do when you just can't find the time to escape the winter these days?  After last Tuesday's short session - cut short due to a lot of ice which was building on my boom and sail - why the hell would anybody want to windsurf out there again? - To tell you the truth, with the right equipment it is still possible to windsurf in close to zero degrees. However, it was about minus five degrees last Tuesday and that was a bit too cold. Just take a look at the webcam to get an idea of what Baltic sea beaches in Germany look like these days. 
This is a webcam showing the beach of Warnemünde near Rostock

In order to get a more detailed impression, check the ice-report for German coastal waters.
This post is not about showing off what a man I am to think about going windsurfing in these arctic conditions. Neither does it want to encourage you to get out there and freeze to death. I just wanted to share some thoughts on the latest weather conditions and keep you updated about the situation in Northern Germany. 
Here's the forecast for Tuesday! Let's hope it lives up to my expectations! 

Windguru announces zero degrees, so windsurfing should be possible. See you on the water! But keep it safe!


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