Quite Grey - Winter Windsurfing in Northern Germany

The title says it all - I spent some time in Northern Germany at the beginning of the new Year. I have had two good sessions but the light was just really bad for filming and taking photos. So the quality of the footage is not as good as it should be. I still tried to make a little video that tries to capture the gloomy atmosphere of a typical winter's day in Northern Germany. It basically shows some slow-motion footage, combined with the atmospheric music of Iceland's Mùm. A grey sky, some light drizzle and a chilly wind were on the menu. The wind was really light as well and the spot, Meldorf, quite choppy that day. So I couldn't do all the moves I wanted - like a Kabikuchi or a Culo 540. On top of that, I sailed with a really sore back which has now kept me off the water for more than three weeks already. This may be the reason why a lot of the moves do not look as fluid and powerful as before. I am currently doing everything to overcome this issue and I want to be back on the water by mid-February, hopefully.

Shades of Grey - Winter Windsurfing in Northen Germany from Mathias Genkel on Vimeo.


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