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Life is living for the moment and making the most of time, taking advantage of what nature has to offer right on your doorstep. When the next beach is far away and there is not a single windy spot nearby, it would be a waste of time not to go and check out the surroundings. With my current residence being a small village in the Alps, quality windsurfing sessions are a rare occurrence. So one sunny Sunday morning, I grabbed my bike and went up the nearest mountain. At about 800 metres, all bike trails come to an end and you have to start walking and climbing. I was surprised to walk through fields of snow in mid-June.
The "Benediktenwand" is about 1800m high. It is basically a wall of exposed rocks covered in grass and conifers. From a certain height onwards, you kind of feel like being above everything. However, these hiking tours are getting so popular these days that I found it a bit too crowded, especially at the summit. When you arrive at the top you also get a nice view…