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Winter mode

January is usually that time of the year when things get a lot more quiet when it comes to windsurfing. But this year, it was quite different. I could find the perfect work-life balance and was on the water at least once a week. This keeps me motivated for the warmer sessions that we will hopefully get quite soon. Tomorrow looks good - strong foehn winds and warm temperatures.
But let me get back to the beginnning of this month when I headed up north after one or two mild sessions on the local lake. I had a great session at the Baltic.
After a whole week off the water, well, five days that is, I could get in a good session today. But things went crazy in the beginning. I checked the webcams and Walchensee looked good. But the picture was really deceiving and it just looked like that in real time:  Getting from this spot to the spot that works with south winds was quite a mission.
But in the end, it really paid off and I had two hours on 5.2. Here's a cropped webcam photo, thanks t…

Short Afternoon Session

Early morning winds were gusty and hard to sail in today. I was on 4.4 and the wind kept changing directions and strength. The chop was all over the place. It was still nice somehow. I then had lunch, worked a bit and went for another session. It was so warm here in the afternoon that it didn't feel like winter at all - no hoodie, no gloves. I managed to catch some great gusts in which I did among other moves a double spock. Here are some photos and a double spock sequence.

Spontaneous Session at Home

The nearest lake is only a 7-minute drive from where I live. That's even better than when I lived in Rostock where it would take about 20 minutes to the nearest spot. Conditions are not the same however. It is so difficult to sail consistent here. Chop, gusts and ice-cold water - this is a mix that you have to get used to. But once you really get in the right mood, it can be great. Today was my first session in 2014. A great start to the new year with 4.4 and 90l Freestyle.
Thanks to Jonas for the pics!