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A Trip to Denmark in June

The northwestern tip of Denmark is often referred to as "Cold Hawaii". The spots do not always live up to the high expectations people have - but this time it all came together. The sun was out every single day. We had wind and waves. It was just magic!
But I did not just drive up there without taking a look to the left or the right, like I did on my way back. On my way up north, I had several great days on the water in very different conditions. The one thing these sessions have had in common is that the sun was always out.
The first session of the trip was in very light conditions but it was unbelievably flat. It made cruising around so easy.
The first day in Denmark ended with a short session at Blavand. Nothing radical but great freestyle-wave conditions.  On the second day, I went to Hvide Sande as the forecast was for some northerly winds which produced rather clean condtions, especially in the evening when the wind turned NE. I met Steffi Wahl who took two photos of m…