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Windy Baltic

Last weekend was stupidly windy but unfortunately a lot of rain was on the menu, too. I had two good wave sessions which were actually the first proper days in waves that I got in this year. The Trailer Wave works great and I'm very happy with my waveriding. Jumps are a different story though. I would have loved to practise some backloops or pushloops but as the wind was super strong and I was just holding on to my 3.7, I just couldn't be bothered. I feel the need for a longer trip in order to get more comfortable in waves again and start progressing. On the other hand, I love freestyle and this is where I push myself every session. Well, I'm off to Bavaria this weekend. I'm gonna work on my final paper and may be lucky to sneak away to the lake and catch some gusts barely strong enough to get you going on a 5.3.