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On a mission

Pouring rain and a light breeze from the north west, small chop - some good ingredients for testing the new Sailloft Mission in 7.5 and the Patrik Slalom 110.
This combination is really fast - if I may judge it as a freestyle windsurfer. When jumping on the board I immediately felt comfortable. However, as soon as the first gust hit my sail and the whole gear started to accelerate like crazy, I really had to watch out for not missing the straps and get catapulted. I am used to my freestyle board, so the strap position on the slalom board felt weird. You actually have to position your feet on the rails and put a lot of pressure on the fin. Placing your feet into the straps is like fastening a seat belt when you get ready to go super fast with some crazy speed machine.
Jibing is as easy as tacking with that board and sail. I was positively surprised with how easy to handle a sail in that size is. There must have been a massive step forward in sail design within the last couple of years.…