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New Video from Capetown

Also check it out on vimeo and youtube.

Back in Germany

I'm back in Germany after 4 weeks in Capetown. It's really cold over here. Lakes are frozen so my dad and me went ice-windsurfing. Here's just a small picture taken with a mobile phone:

Witsands and Platboom

3 windy days in a row but a lot of driving to the cape every day. I tried my first pushloops. It doesn't seem too hard to initiate the rotation but to do it fast enough was a different story for me.
Here are a couple of pictures of a very slow pushloop rotation that ended in a big crash:

What a forecast...

I dont' know if anybody is actually following this blog but for those who are: I wish you a happy new year and loads of windy days.
Well, I'm still in Cape Town. We had a good day at Platboom yesterday with logo-high waves and 4.2 wind. But the forecast looks so bad! We still have two weeks left. More than half our stay is already over and so far I'm not really satisfied with the wind. We've had some good days for waveriding but not many days were good for jumping.
Let's hope for the best. Here's what yesterday looked like: