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Competition and Freesailing

It's been a busy October with two competitions and some memorable freesailing sessions. The first contest I took part in was the last German Freestyle Battle of the year. I only finished third because I somehow couldn't find my form in my heat against Anton Munz, still just losing by half a point. There was no double elimination, so no second chance...
After three great events, I am now ranked first in the overall German freestyle ranking 2016. My goal is to do the same next year. Thanks for the nice report:
I can only train in northern Germany this winter. That's why I'm hoping for a mild winter. So far, things look quite bad, to be honest. We haven't had the best autumn storms and the forecast just looks cold.
However, I feel well prepared for the cold days. During the Danish championships in Klitmoller at the end of October we already got some really cold con…