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Some freestyle today...

Great 4-hour session at my homespot today. Quite choppy but there was also some flatwater to be had. I used a slightly bigger board today which was great as I wasn't always fully powered up. The only downside to this spot is that it's really shallow everywhere. And with shallow I mean knee-deep. This, in combination with the small chop, makes it really hard to learn some more radical double moves like spock into culo because you always have to watch out not to stick the nose of your board into the ground.
Here are some pictures:

Some Pics from last Weekend

I made it to Warnemuende, Rostock's city beach, on Saturday. The wind was not as strong as expected so I took the freestyle board and the 4.4. Waves were small too. I still got a fair share of moves, so no complaints. It got a lot milder as well. The water temperature has risen to a balmy 3 degrees and air temperatures are around 9 degrees - not bad for this time of the year! The forecast for next weekend looks average to put it mildly. There may be some rather low easterly winds but I'm already thinking of going somewhere. Here are some shots from my last session. Thanks to Michi from