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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great 2010 with many quality sessions on the water! We seem to get a very cold winter but I still hope that 2011 will provide us with some great conditions and milder temperatures!

Session on a lake in Bavaria

Got a good 2-hour freestyle session in last weekend. It felt actually a lot warmer than the last sessions I have had at the Baltic. The wind seemed a lot less arctic. Conditions were far from spectacular but there were some good gusts to be had. I was also quite happy to nail an ok normal stance kono and some burners on the way out. On the way in the wind was a lot gustier, especially where they were taking photos. Even though the photographer seemed to concentrate on Bavaria's most well-known freestyler Fabi Weber, I still managed to get this shot: (pic by Sebastian Schoeffel)

I have been in hospital from Sunday evening until today, so it was great to get some windsurfing in before having my nose repaired. This operation was really necessary as I was having problems breathing through my nose. If there's something like surfer's ear maybe I was suffering from a surfer's nose? :-)
Well, it's all good now, even though the doctors had to remove a lot of cartilage and t…