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I think most windsurfers in Bavaria spend lots of time in front of their computer screens checking webcams and wind reports in order to get an idea of the latest conditions. It can be very discouraging at times to wait for wind that will never really materialize. But every once in a while you can catch some wind - given that you can make it to the right spot in time, which is, again, not a very easy thing to do when you have a full time job.
Today was a public holiday in Germany so I wanted to take it easy. However, I couldn't help but check the Kochelsee webcam at 7 in the morning. There was still a lot of fog around but I somehow felt that it wouldn't take long for the wind to pick up. In fact, the wind arrived at around ten to eight. It was still really cold when I went into the water about half an hour later. I choose 4.6 and 90 litres, which was alright in the gusts. Conditions were rather marginal to say the least. To make things worse, the wind dropped to completely not…