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Fuerteventura – Big Winds

Fuerteventura’s south is probably one of the most popular windsurfing spots in the world. The summer months’ wind statistics speak for themselves – if you go to Fuerte in July, there’s going to be a lot of wind. Another interesting fact: Fuerte’s south offers a vast beach that can turn into a nice lagoon at high tide. However, it is not really that freestyle paradise which one might be tempted to call it given these prerequisites.
The wind is strong but in fact quite gusty, the spot at centre 2 is packed with windsurfers of all levels. Most of the time I am completely overpowered on 4.0. But after almost a week of sailing I’m getting used to the conditions and the flying sand on the beach. I have got some footage from yesterday which I edited to a very short film, which you can watch here. We just filmed for about half an hour and with the old camera – so don’t expect anything exceptional. By the way, many professional windsurfers have already arrived on the island to prepare for the up…