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Life is full of possibilities

It never gets boring. Inspiration is everywhere. You sometimes seem to just follow the mainstream for a little while but before you know it you are thinking out of the box. The mainstream says: Go to that particular spot in that particular wind direction. Go there and try the moves that the other riders try. But life is short and doing the same thing over and over is just lame. So get up and get out there, try something new. Go for new moves and discover new spots. You might have to search and wait. But in the end, it may all be worth it. Maybe it's just a brief moment in time: That green wave which you see breaking in the corner of your eye when rushing down to its bottom. That feeling you get when the wind kicks you up in the air and you land at full speed. Or maybe it's that moment when you see your friends progressing. Windsurfing is so full of possibilities. There are so many great moments out there, waiting to be lived.


Saturday was the first day with proper westerlies in a long time. On the menu: big chop, gusty winds and a solid crowd. took these great shots despite the bad light.

Homespots delivering great conditions

The weekend started out really windy! I had a quick session at Walchensee yesterday. It felt like a typical spring day if it hadn't been for the cold water. I just sneaked half an hour of windsurfing in between a lot of revising and preparing my classes. The atmosphere at this lake is always something special. However, I feel the need to have some better conditions in order to improve faster. I often watch the latest videos of the PWA guys and am keen to try stuff like double culos or air kabikuchi. But when you are just slightly powered up on 5.2 in some gusts, how is one supposed to do that? Here are some pics: