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Nice conditions at home

It is unusually cold in northern Germany these days. But that seems to help with the wind. Yesterday was one of those perfect stormy summer days. One of those days, after a long spell without wind when you do not expect much only to be rewarded with nearly perfect conditions. Thanks to Markus for taking these pictures.

German Championships Sylt - Multivan Windsurf Cup 2017

After four intense days on the water with loads of heats sailed, I finished second in freestyle, shared fifth in waves and shared fourth overall. I could have done way better in the freestyle final but was exhausted after a long day, which had started with the wave discipline in the early morning at 6.30 and only ended at around 6 in the afternoon.
The contest was very professionally organized and it was good to sail in Westerland again. I hope to do better in the future and am motivated to push my level further.