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Some water-shots from yesterday at Sunset Beach. There was no swell. I hope to head to Platboom today.

windy days but a bad forecast

After two days with no wind and a lot of driving, we got a big day in at Elandsbaai. Probably some of the biggest waves I have ever sailed.

But there were also some mellower and very clean walls to be had.

Still windy

We've been windsurfing every day since Monday. Even today we could find a spot with wind.
The forecast doesn't look really good for the next couple of days but by Wednesday next week the South-Easter should be back.

Day 4 and 5

Great sailing yesterday and today. A bit too windy yesterday though. Big Bay in the evening was a bit mellower. Today we went down to the Cape of Good Hope. We saw big waves in Platboom but didn't sail them as there was nobody out. The wind was quite light anyway. After that we followed some pros that were just leaving the beach and thus came to a great new spot. A reefbreak far out and a dumpy beach break further in.
A photo from yesterday, spot: Big Bay

Day 3

Second day at Sunset. Wind a bit more cross off today. Waves smaller and dumpy.
Here are some pictures:

2nd day in Capetown

Great windsurfing at Sunset Beach today. Windy enough for 4.7 and good-quality waves to be had.
Quite a crowd including some pros out though. All in all a perfect start to our stay.
Here's a picture captured from a video, so it's not the sharpest one on earth:

First Day in Capetown

We finally arrived in Capetown today at around one in the afternoon after a long journey from Germany. We flew with Turkish Airlines. The service was alright but they charged us 90 Euro for gear one way. At least they didn't want to know the weight. On our way we stopped in Johannesburg. When the plane was landing, a group of South African pupils started to sing a song that sounded typically African to me. That was so cool.
Checking out in Capetown was surprisingly easy. Our gear arrived immediately and the new MFC double roller bag proved to be really helpful. You can just grab it and pull it behind you.
Here's a picture of my luggage at Capetown Airport:

We met the woman that wanted to hand us over our cars for the month in front of the airport. She was super friendly and very relaxed. She told us we had to come to her company to get the second car and sign the contracts. That's what we did. So it was the four of us in one old but stylish Mercedes with all the gear on the r…

My quiver for South Africa

Exocet U-Surf 76l
2 Fins (original and MFC Freestyle Pro 16)
3 Sails - 4.7, 4.2, 3.7 Sailloft Curve
2 Masts - 400, 370
1 Boom - 145-190
1 Mast Extension Rdm 45