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Average Conditions but not as Cold as Last Week

It seems as if we are finally back in the game! A mild 2 degrees celsius in combination with sun and a blistering cold north wind was on the menu today. Wind from the north - that means onshore conditions nearly everywhere, except for some pretty much undiscovered spots on RĂ¼gen - too far away to go there on a day like this and possibly still full of ice. So Markus and me just went to a nearby spot that usually works well with north westerly winds. Today was different. We arrived at the beach, checked the conditions and decided to rig 4.2 and 4.0 but it turned out that we were just massively underpowered. So it was back to the beach for me and changing to 4.4. That made things a bit better. But due to the cliffs the onshore wind was still very light, especially where the waves were breaking. That didn't allow for any decent waverides. I don't want to complain though, since today was miles away from what we got last week. No icebergs (just a few of them lying on the beach) wait…

Video about the new Sailloft Quad

Have you ever thought about trying some well performing sails that survive more than a season? You should consider German based Sailloft, if you want value for money. Here'a video about their new 4-batten sail: the Quad. Some nice wave action by Oli Maier in Klitmoller and the odd freestyle move by me. If you're an ambitious wave or freestyle oriented rider looking for a light and durable sail, don't look any further! The Quad is available in the following sizes: 3.6, 4.0, 4.4, 4.6, 4.8, 5.2, 5.6 For more visit: Scroll down to under the picture to view the video.

It wasn't to be

The uncommonly cold weather that we have seen for about two weeks now has produced a considerable amount of ice on the Baltic Sea. Temperatures fell to about minus 25 degrees on Usedom last night. So this might be one of the reasons why we couldn't sail Neu Mukran today. The whole bay south of Sassnitz was full of ice. That was a real pity, since the wind direction was perfect and it seemed to be quite consistent, too. This is what the spot looked like upon our arrival:
We tried a different spot near Juliusruh. On the way there, roads became worse but we finally made it and had a very short session in mushy onshore conditions. It was quite hard to get into the water because the whole beach was covered with ice and snow, which is quite slippy when you wear rubber boots. On top of that, the first 10 metres were full of crushed ice pushed onto the beach by onshore winds. As the water was nearly chest-high, it was quite hard to move and I started to realize that what we were doing was…

On hold for Tuesday

You know it's winter, when all inlets and estuaries are covered with thick ice and when you see snow-covered beaches on local webcams. You know it's winter when you visit the Baltic Sea ice service website to check the current ice-situation at your local beaches. You know that windsurfing is an addiction when you still think about going out... But what are you supposed to do when you just can't find the time to escape the winter these days?  After last Tuesday's short session - cut short due to a lot of ice which was building on my boom and sail - why the hell would anybody want to windsurf out there again? - To tell you the truth, with the right equipment it is still possible to windsurf in close to zero degrees. However, it was about minus five degrees last Tuesday and that was a bit too cold. Just take a look at the webcam to get an idea of what Baltic sea beaches in Germany look like these days. 
In order to get a more detailed impression, check the ice-report for…