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New Video: A Day in Beauduc

Beauduc is the name of a very remote beach in the Camargue in Southern France. As there is really nothing around apart from sand, water, flamingos and the odd fishing huts the wind is really steady. You can also find some nice spots for freestyle behind the sandbars. This spot is very popular with kitesurfers and very hard to get to. Be prepared to spend an hour on dirt tracks.
This video captures a day in April where there was little wind anywhere else. On this particular day the wind was blowing for 4.5, the sun was shining and there were just the few of us out. Sailors are Rik and Pieter from Belgium and me. The video was captured with a rather simple camera and no tripod - no HD. Watch out for the next longer Rock-n-Rohwurst production to be released mid-May.
A Day in Beauduc from Mathias Genkel on Vimeo.

All over the Place

As a matter of fact, windsurfing in Europe means driving around looking for a place with good conditions to sail in. Comparing forecasts on the internet, calculating fuel costs and driving time, calling friends to discuss about which spot works best - all these actions are common parts of a windsurfer's life. In the end, you can never be sure to have chosen the right spot. With all these forums on the internet where people write about the sessions they had, claiming to have had the best day ever you can easily get confused. Was it really that good on that particular day? Were the waves that big, the wind that strong? - No matter what - it's not about going where everybody else goes. It's all about enjoying your time on the water, be it a gusty 15 knots with loads of chop or a clean cross-off port-tack day with a 2 metre-swell. Sometimes it is better to relax. Some of the statements made in forums should be taken with a pinch of salt anyway.
This is what my sessions look li…