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Wine Strand

We're sitting in a pub while writing this. Talking about the day on the water. It was quite messy but good wind for the 4.7 and later 4.2 sail. I got some nice forwards on the way out and Grubbies on the inside. Great day! I'm looking ahead to tomorrow and the weekend. The forecast looks promising… Here are some pictures of today's action:


It's the last day of college before the Easter break today. I have four weeks of windsurfing ahead of me. The forecast looks alright despite the fact that it might be quite cold. I really hope that Mossies is gonna work on Friday or Saturday.

I had some good sessions in Cork during the last couple of days. Coolmaine went off last Monday with the cleanest and most powerful waves I've ever seen on that beach. I went to Garrettstown on Tuesday which was really windy and messy. However, I was lucky to meet Rose and Andreas there. They filmed me for a media project.

We had perfect conditions for filming in Incheydoney last Wednesday. The footage will be shown on this site soon. This Monday was great for freestyling in Incheydoney. I managed to do my first switch stance move: a Clew-first switch stance spock (or Clew-first Puneta). It's supposed to be the easiest switch stance move and I agree. It's very similar to a Flaka as well.
Last week's pictures can be found on the l…

Windsurf Interversaties Belmullet

I'm just back in Cork from this year's windsurf interversaties in Belmullet hosted by Shackleton and Uisce. The event was perfectly organised and it was windy every day. Mark and me had some good wavesailing on Friday in Fahmore with quite heavy waves. With the start of the event on Saturday it was all flatwater sailing. The expression session in Elly bay was good fun although it was a bit windy which made nailing all the moves quite difficult.
Sunday was less windy. We had a race and some nice sunshine. All in all a perfect weekend!
Here are some photos: