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Flaka and Spock

I'm back in Germany. Spring seems to be kicking in slowly. No wind though. There might be a slim chance of getting some freestyle in tomorrow. I didn't get much footage in when staying in El Medano. The camera crashed on the second day of the trip. Here's all that's left. It was the first day on the water after a week with no wind at all. The conditions were pretty average, 5.3 Bionic and the new I-Style. Light and gusty wind and quite choppy. Anyway, two moves right here:


In terms of windsurfing this winter has been really good so far. After my first trip to Cape Town, I am now in Tenerife and the wind is blowing nearly every day. Conditions in Cabezo are mainly suitable for 4.7 with either freestyle or waveboard. I have not taken many photos yet though.
This one shows a funnell at a spot called La Tejita which can get quite good for freestyle: