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Low Wind Freestyle

Mistral winds kicked in today. More to come this week. Looking forward to it. Will be cold, windy and flat I suppose.

RRD Blog Post

Yesterday the insider RRD-Blog posted about our new website Rock-n-Rohwurst:
A new German windsurf website with the illustrious name „Rock-n-Rohwurst" has been up and running for a couple of months already. Their founders Johannes Neumann and Mathias Genkel are part of the German RRD-Team. They both share a deep passion to the sport of windsurfing. With Johannes working as a professional media designer and Mathias travelling around a lot shooting photos and recording videos, their website offers some quality footage. Mathias is currently working in Southern France and sails on every opportunity, whereas Johannes is on a trip to Maui sailing some big waves and working on some new video projects. Check out their website for further photos and be prepared for more.
Also, I am now officially part of the national RRD Team Germany. Thanks RRD!

Deceiving Forecasts

When it comes to wind, January has been very disappointing so far. Somehow the conditions announced by the weather forecast never materialised. We have had big but messy waves in Carro with very light mistral winds at the beginning of the new year. South easterlies are usually pretty good at Fos-sur-Mer. This Thursday they announced about 30 knots. But when I arrived at the beach the waves were again quite big but the wind just didn't make it into the bay. There was too much east in it. At another spot it was howling 3.7 weather onshore. Sailed there for about half an hour until I finally gave up as it was really crappy out there.
In search for wind and good freestyle conditions we also made a trip to Leucate where the wind did not play ball once again. Forecast was for 20 knots which was actually a mere 8 - 12 knots. Nonetheless, some photos of the few January sessions I've had:

Eslider in one of the rare gusts in Leucate

Some light wind waveriding


I've had my first windsurf session in Marseille today. Conditions on the water were far from spectacular but I still enjoyed sailing with the city in the background. Had to go shopping with the girls afterwards, so Marseille was a great compromise. It's actually a really good example of a place where windsurfing can easily be combined with professional life. They even have a bus-stop called Plage Planche à Voile meaning windsurf beach. More photos and a German report on