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More photos from GC

Just came back to Germany after two weeks in Gran Canaria. It was a great trip. I met new people and had good conditions on the water.

Evening Session on 5.3

Yesterday, the wind decided to pick up just before it got dark. So I had to hurry to get on the water in time. There were some nice little ramps to be had but it was mainly flatwater sailing. Well, Pozo without swell doesn't mean it's completely flat. There's always loads of chop and it can be difficult to keep the speed when doing a move. But now that I've seen that the conditions at the freestyle worldcup in Vietnam are pretty choppy as well and how these guys do all the latest moves in that chop, I am more motivated to learn to do the tricks in all kinds of conditions, too. Well, probably not in front of a 4m wave anyway. Here's some shots taken by my Spanish friends Jacobo and Pablo from Madrid who had to leave Pozo today. See you soon! 

Choppy and windy in Pozo today

What a great day on the water today! There's even more wind to come! Check back for more soon.

Freestyle Session in Arinaga

Wind is back in Pozo! I had my first proper SUP Session in small waves yesterday. Good workout but I prefer surfing - and windsurfing, of course! Well, today was a great day on the water with some nice freestyle conditions in Arinaga, one of the only real flatwater spots here in Gran Canaria. Christophe, a Hungarian language genius, who speaks five languages fluently, took me with him to the spot. The first two hours were pretty good and I was way overpowered in the gusts on my 5.3. The wind dropped later as loads of clouds showed up. That’s when we took the pictures. Thanks to Christophe for taking them!

A Modern Odyssee

Egypt was on the top of my list for this winter’s travel destinations. I longed for some warm water in combination with great freestyle conditions - flat water and consistent winds that is. When the Egyptian revolution broke out two days after I had booked my flight, I knew that I was probably not going. So here I was in Germany with a cancelled flight but still willing to travel somewhere. I decided to do a road trip in the end. I would have loved to go to Ireland, Scotland or Brittany, the only problem being that I didn’t have money to buy a wave board as I had just bought a new freestyle board. The forecast looked good for the Netherlands with a low pressure hitting the coast providing some strong south-westerly winds and mild temperatures around 8 degrees. The wind turned out to be really strong and I was just holding on to my 4.2 and the new Patrik freestyle board for 3 days in a row. Here’s a video made by a friend which gives a good impression of the conditions:

Not Egypt from L…