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Supremesurf Big Days done!

Germany's top wave sailors came together on the beach of Ahrenshoop for the annual Supremesurf Big Days competition today. I would not count myself as one of the top contenders in waves, but I still took part in that competition as it usually is quite some fun. And on top of that competing boosts your level. Conditions could not have been worse for me: nuking winds, 3.7 completely overpowered, small and mushy waves. Being a lighter and more freestyle oriented rider, I usually prefer more moderate conditions.  I still managed to advance one round. In the end, Philip Köster, who arrived from Vargas to do this competition, clearly took the win. I was amazed at how many people came to watch his performance. Windsurfing seems to be getting a lot more attention here in Germany these days. Didn't take any photos because of the lack of light and a suitable camera but here's me rigging 4.2 and 3.7. More shots at:

First Proper Session and Big Days to follow up

Yesterday, we finally got a first windy day in. Temperatures were on the rise as well, so windsurfing was a must. I went to a spot called Ahrenshoop, one of the most exposed spots in Northern Germany. You can get some rather clean waves behind a set of groins. Since yesterday wasn't that windy and as it was the first windy day, the waves had yet to built. It was nice for freestyle though with some rather flat water between the waves. If it had been a bit windier, it would have been even a lot better to do some bigger moves. There wasn't much light for taking photos, but here are some shots by Hannes.

Also stay tuned for an update on the Big Days Competition taking place at this spot tomorrow. Philip Köster already registered for this event. Are we going to see the triple? I wonder how he is going to deal with the cold water temperatures. I remember that he always sails barefooted. Given the forecast it's going to be spectacular anyway! For updates check back right here on …

Stormy weekend ahead

After a long time with absolutely no wind, windsurfers in Northern Germany will finally get their well-deserved share from today onwards. I'm actually heading to the spot right now. On Sunday, the local shop Supreme Surf is running the "Big Days Competition". I think the level on the water is going to be insane. For me as a lightweight and a more freestyle-oriented windsurfer it's probably going to be a bit too windy but I'm still going to enter the competition anyway. Here's the forecast for the weekend:

Waiting for Wind

The current weather condition is a nightmare for every windsurfer in northern Germany. Unless you travelled very far, it was simply impossible to get in a decent session these last few weeks. Different forecast models suggest that we might get back to windier weather by the end of next week. But that's still a long time to hold out. I went to Ruegen last week, hoping for a sneaky freestyle session, but it just wasn't to be. Instead, I just did three or four moves before the wind dropped completely. Here are some pics from that weekend: