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Almost as good as it gets

I have lived in quite a few different places by now. A decent place for windsurfing is usually one where you can get in a good after-work wave session. Hamburg is such a place and yesterday the sailing was just awesome. When we arrived at the spot, it was really chilly and the water turned out to be warmer than the air. After sailing for about half an hour in a flatwater lagoon, we headed for the wave spot. The sun came out, the waves were small but there were some solid ramps to be had - pure fun. My friend Valentin Böckler tried to capture the action and I was very keen on getting a backloop on camera. It turned out to be very difficult to do a half decent backloop close enough to the camera since the current was strong and with the changing tide, the spots where waves were actually breaking high enough to provide a steep ramp seemed to change all the time. However, Valentin did not only handle the cold but also the current quite well. We have had loads of fun and the new 85l Patri…