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More Fuerte

There's an abundance of windsurfing footage from Fuerteventura everywhere on the web right now. So here's some more of it... The PWA Freestyle World Cup has just finished and the moves that could be seen there were simply amazing. The wind dropped down a bit while the competition took place and we got a week of 4.4 weather in. As I prefer lighter winds a lot, it was really a shame I couldn't compete. But the level is unbelievably high this year, too. So I am still not sure whether I would have been able to make an impact. What I found was that the top 10 or so are again a big step ahead. Anyway, Fuerteventura was a good experience and I got to know some interesting people. I am now more motivated to practise new moves and cannot wait to be back on the water here in Germany.
Here are some photos from the last day on Fuerte and also another short clip filmed at Matas Blancas (scroll down to the bottom of the page):
In case the video does not appear, here's the link: http…