It's the last day of college before the Easter break today. I have four weeks of windsurfing ahead of me. The forecast looks alright despite the fact that it might be quite cold. I really hope that Mossies is gonna work on Friday or Saturday.

I had some good sessions in Cork during the last couple of days. Coolmaine went off last Monday with the cleanest and most powerful waves I've ever seen on that beach. I went to Garrettstown on Tuesday which was really windy and messy. However, I was lucky to meet Rose and Andreas there. They filmed me for a media project.

We had perfect conditions for filming in Incheydoney last Wednesday. The footage will be shown on this site soon. This Monday was great for freestyling in Incheydoney. I managed to do my first switch stance move: a Clew-first switch stance spock (or Clew-first Puneta). It's supposed to be the easiest switch stance move and I agree. It's very similar to a Flaka as well.

Last week's pictures can be found on the left.


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