Lago di Walchen - Bavaria!

I'm stuck in Bavaria waiting for my new sails to arrive. Meanwhile, I managed to get in two days of windsurfing in low and gusty thermal winds on a lake called Walchensee. My girlfriend's dad, who also lent me his sails, told me that it would be windy up there. The lake is surrounded by mountains and a north-easterly wind is accelerated by their shape. On the way there - not a single trace of wind. But once I made it over the mountain pass I could figure out windsurfers who were actually planing. Rigged a 5.3 and my new RRd twintip 90. Seemed a bit small for a freshwater lake with 3-4 beauforts but it worked surprisingly well.
Didn't manage to nail a clean Switch Kono but I think I can claim my first Culo. Don't know if it's something in between Bob and Culo. I have to see it on video but it felt good anyway. Still haven't figured out what my good tack for switch stance is. It's just crazy. Puneta and Funnell work better on starboard tack, with the left foot in front when sailing switch stance. With Eslider, Switch Chachoo and Switch Kono it is exactly the other way round. The same seems to go for burners although I'm really not sure on this one. Never landed one - yet! :-) I think anybody has their favourite switch tack. So should I give up going for switch moves on starboard tack? - I think I shouldn't bother worrying about these things. Windsurfing should be a natural thing. So the moves should come naturally. Let's see what happensnext. I'm ready to go for new moves and there's always new things to learn. Let's see where the wind takes me...
By the way, here's what my new sails will look like (can't wait):


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