First Proper Session and Big Days to follow up

Yesterday, we finally got a first windy day in. Temperatures were on the rise as well, so windsurfing was a must. I went to a spot called Ahrenshoop, one of the most exposed spots in Northern Germany. You can get some rather clean waves behind a set of groins. Since yesterday wasn't that windy and as it was the first windy day, the waves had yet to built. It was nice for freestyle though with some rather flat water between the waves. If it had been a bit windier, it would have been even a lot better to do some bigger moves. There wasn't much light for taking photos, but here are some shots by Hannes.

Also stay tuned for an update on the Big Days Competition taking place at this spot tomorrow. Philip Köster already registered for this event. Are we going to see the triple? I wonder how he is going to deal with the cold water temperatures. I remember that he always sails barefooted. Given the forecast it's going to be spectacular anyway! For updates check back right here on Sunday evening!


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