Friday Afternoon

There's nothing like a good windsurf session at the end of a busy week! The wind had already dropped a bit when I went on the water just after lunchtime. But the Patrik Diethelm Trailer Wave 78 and the Sailloft Quad 4.4 worked just fine in these conditions. With the water level being about 70cm above average the waves did not break in the proper sense of the word. They just built up, started to peel, then backed off again and finally hit the shore. So there was a bit of a shorebreak - but nothing too serious, if it hadn't been for the submerged groynes popping up here and there. Surfers didn't seem too happy either with the conditions. But then again, after all that hype about this spot, this might be a good thing to happen. My girlfriend took some photos and we were also doing some filming, so I was really keen to show some nice takas. But that wasn't to be, since every time I went down the line it was really hard to keep the speed and every time I wanted to hit the lip there was absolutely no power left in the sail. Forecast is for colder weather tomorrow and Sunday but next week looks good again. Keep surfing!
This is a sequence of a small forward loop.
Nothing radical on this one, but I liked the background and the surfers on it.
Maybe one of the better waves of the afternoon.
 A flaka over a bit of chop.
Different perspective on this one.
A shaka close to a wave.


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