A Scandinavian Experience

Looking back on it now, it has to be seen as one's vain attempt to escape the winter blues. But with temperatures gradually falling, thanks to a constant flux of cold air arriving from eastern Europe, this had to be one of the last occasions to get on the water for the next couple of days. They announced winds from the south east, which is usually a good call for Dierhagen, a flat water spot on the Bodden nearby. However, the forecast dropped a lot when day X was approaching so we started looking for alternatives. It didn't take long to convince Markus to join me on a ferry trip over to the other side of our little Baltic sea, where the wind would be stronger and more consistent. It's always kind of crazy to get there. Since taking the car on the ferry costs a fortune, we used a small trailer for the gear and then walked the distance from the port to the spot. This is not a big deal in summer, but doing so in January was a very special experience. Luckily, we already got in our wetsuits whilst still on the ferry and even more luckily, nobody saw us while getting changed. It's actually quite surprising that, if you wear a wetsuit underneath your clothes, nobody notices, at least as long as you wear a scarf.
Conditions looked nice from the ferry but the wind did not seem very strong. It actually looked like a summer's day because the sun was out. When we finally arrived at the beach after crossing a construction site and having to carry the trailer over some pipes and other stuff, we were amazed at the sight we were offered - the sun was coming very much from the side, giving a very Scandinavian feel to the whole landscape. A landscape bare of people and finally no kites around! I rigged my 4.6, Markus his 4.7 which he soon swapped for a 4.2. I was happy on the 4.6 even though I was slightly overpowered. We had a nice session in the setting sun. Getting out of the wetsuit in the dark with ice building on the sails was probably one of the little downsides of the trip. But when I think of the whole thing now, I can but smile. Another great memory - thanks to the best sport in the world!

The spot at sunset - if you look closely you can figure out smoke rising from Rostock's coal-burning power plant.
Our trailer set to a very industrial background. We must have looked like homeless people carrying all their stuff.
The port - looked at through a bush.
The ferry is leaving - please come back soon! 
4.6 ready to go! There are patches of frost on the right because the sun never got there.
The divine Patrik Freestyle 90l!
In the bus - people thought we were crazy but it all fit in perfectly.

As you might have noticed, there are no action shots from that session. We actually filmed quite a bit but I tell you it's not an easy thing to do, when it's that cold. I hope to be using one or two clips in wintersurf 2.0 which won't be out before long. For now, you can watch wintersurf 1.0 right here: http://vimeo.com/33495541


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