Average Conditions but not as Cold as Last Week

It seems as if we are finally back in the game! A mild 2 degrees celsius in combination with sun and a blistering cold north wind was on the menu today. Wind from the north - that means onshore conditions nearly everywhere, except for some pretty much undiscovered spots on RĂ¼gen - too far away to go there on a day like this and possibly still full of ice. So Markus and me just went to a nearby spot that usually works well with north westerly winds. Today was different. We arrived at the beach, checked the conditions and decided to rig 4.2 and 4.0 but it turned out that we were just massively underpowered. So it was back to the beach for me and changing to 4.4. That made things a bit better. But due to the cliffs the onshore wind was still very light, especially where the waves were breaking. That didn't allow for any decent waverides. I don't want to complain though, since today was miles away from what we got last week. No icebergs (just a few of them lying on the beach) waiting for the sun to dissolve them. Light was good for taking pictures but we couldn't be bothered to get the cam out. On top of that, my tripod broke when we tried to attach it to Markus' new camcorder. The tip of the screw is now caught inside the camcorder. Any advice on how to fix that problem is very welcome!  Markus still did some filming without the tripod. You can find the rough cut below the pictures. Looks a lot warmer than last week, doesn't it?
So this is what today's conditions looked like. That got filmed right at the beginning when I was still on 4.0. 


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