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2nd at German Freestyle Battle in Großenbrode

Last Saturday, roughly about 30 riders gathered at Großenbrode for another freestyle competition. The organizers had decided to give the whole thing a go just the day before. It was quite stressful for me to make it to the event since I had to drive all the way from Munich. I was super tired, it was cold, the wind was really up and down but it was still quite some fun. I made it into the final where I sailed against Tilo Eber. It was a very tight heat and once again I only got second in a much disputed decision. Yet, I was happy with me heat: I could land a burner, a planing kono, a spock culo and a normal culo among other. I would have liked to do some bigger moves but the wind really didn't allow for more this time. The clip which you can find at the bottom of this page shows a couple of moves I did in my first heat. When watching it you may get a feeling of how average the conditions were. Still no complaining here. Here are some photos:
 A kono, right in front of the judges... …

Still motivated

I've been off the radar for a while... but that doesn't mean I haven't been windsurfing. Despite a very calm August I managed to sneak in at least one session a week. We often had to drive quite a bit to get to the windy spots but it was mostly worth it. The Baltic Sea wasn't that windy in August so I often drove west. I got to see the North Sea from a very different angle these last three weeks or so. It seems a lot less crowded than the Baltic. There are not many distractions around. So you have more time to contemplate its beauty. Everything around there seems to be shaped by the forces of the elements. During one session we even had to escape from a small tornado. But what really got me was the sound of the board when sailing in one of the mirror-flat channels....
Today's session in Saal wasn't that bad either though. I even have a photo from today. It's me sliding out of a switch chachoo in what seems like very low winds. Forecasts for Friday and next …