First at German Freestyle Battle in Laboe/ Kiel

After a long break due to injury and slowly getting back into the sport, I finally attended my first competition since last year's EFPT event in Southern France. It was a national freestyle event near Kiel in Northern Germany. I intended to attend the event in order to see what the level was now like. I just wanted to have fun on the water without paying too much attention to where I would finish. However, I quickly got back into competition mode and could sail some solid heats in some pretty challenging conditions. The wind was going up and down, so I had my 4.8 and 4.4 rigged and ready to go on the beach. I sometimes had to change sails only seconds before my heat as the wind would drop down or go up real fast. In my heats I could do some normal power moves like regular konos, culos and burners but also some skopus - on both tacks. That was probably the key to winning the event.

The event was very well organized, we had quite a few spectators on the beach and even an extra girls fleet. After the event we all had dinner together and it was great fun. I am now more motivated than ever to further improve my level and to balance my job and windsurfing. Special thanks go out to the best physio in the world, Michi Wiesmüller, who made me fit for the event, Nico, Valentin, Jona, Gereon, the photographers (windypics and Phil Schreyer) and my family. See you on the water!
event site
prize giving
the girls fleet
And there's a great video of the event as well:


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