From Bavaria to the Adria

Many water sport enthusiasts seem to escape from Northern Europe these days. With winter kicking in, they are looking for warmer places to train and improve. Some windsurfers, however, will stay and battle the cold to find perfect conditions and empty spots, as you can read, for example, in a recent interview with Steve Thorp on For me, this winter is going to involve a lot of work. But I will also try to get a decent session in, every once in a while. The warm water of the Northern Adria is only 4 hours away from Bavaria. A weekend trip is a good option to escape the cold and enjoy some Mediterranian culture. I went to Sottomarina last weekend. Friday was really strong with a lot of rain - so no photos. The spot was packed with kite- and windsurfers and I did not enjoy it in the beginning. I went for another session just before it got dark. Eventually, it was just me on the water catching wave after wave in some pouring rain and stacked on 3.6. Saturday started very light. So I took the new 5.2 Sailloft Quad prototype for another test. Later, even the sun came out and temperatures rose to 20 degrees Celsius.
The obligatory visit of Venice was cut short by an overwhelming number of tourists invading the city from all directions and destroying what is left of the Italian flair. The German newspaper published a great article on this topic: With snow forecast in the Alps for the weekend and no wind in Bavaria, it looks to me as if another trip to the Adria is on the agenda. Take a look at these photo sequences to get a better idea of the moves I was doing on Saturday.  


Anonymous said…
Great Mathias...we've seen you in action, fantastic!

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