Home after a week on the road

A week off work seems a perfect occasion for a roadtrip. I visited my sister who works near London and took the opportunity to check out the local beaches. After 8 great days on the water in very different conditions I hopped on the ferry to Calais, scored another session at Wimereux and then drove straight back home in order to get some rest. But when I woke up the next morning and checked the local webcams, as usual, I could see white caps on the lake nearby- Kochelsee. I went there immediately but the wind dropped after a short session with only four moves. People were not sure about were to go as nowhere seemed really windy. But since the wind had already turned west I kind of felt that this day had some more to offer. So we went for another session on the Starnberger See which was really nice with 4.8 nicely powered up in the gusts and the sun out.
Today started rainy and cold. I didn't feel too great either cause I had had too much to eat in an Italian restaurant the evening before. My plan had been to refill my energy level after all this time on the road. Also the food was so delicious after a week of English food, which had mainly consisted of baked beans, sausages and some more fast food. But, well, ... Anyway, I took it easy and only went to the Ammersee after lunch. My timing was perfect as the sun came out and the wind increased just as I arrived. I had a great session in some monster chop and strong winds. However, this was one of those sessions where I really missed being on my 90l Patrik freestyle. The 99l really proved to be too big in these conditions. I could still do some moves but it wasn't perfect. And when you do freestyle on a high level you really need the right kit - one that suits your weight and the conditions perfectly. Here are some pictures: 


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