Winter mode

January is usually that time of the year when things get a lot more quiet when it comes to windsurfing. But this year, it was quite different. I could find the perfect work-life balance and was on the water at least once a week. This keeps me motivated for the warmer sessions that we will hopefully get quite soon. Tomorrow looks good - strong foehn winds and warm temperatures.
But let me get back to the beginnning of this month when I headed up north after one or two mild sessions on the local lake. I had a great session at the Baltic.
After a whole week off the water, well, five days that is, I could get in a good session today. But things went crazy in the beginning. I checked the webcams and Walchensee looked good. But the picture was really deceiving and it just looked like that in real time: 
Nice water colours but not windy enough.
Snow on the shore
Getting from this spot to the spot that works with south winds was quite a mission.
But in the end, it really paid off and I had two hours on 5.2. Here's a cropped webcam photo, thanks to
That's me on the webcam photo from 16.25.
Nice light after the session - more tomorrow


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