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Yesterday the insider RRD-Blog posted about our new website Rock-n-Rohwurst:
A new German windsurf website with the illustrious name „Rock-n-Rohwurst" has been up and running for a couple of months already. Their founders Johannes Neumann and Mathias Genkel are part of the German RRD-Team. They both share a deep passion to the sport of windsurfing. With Johannes working as a professional media designer and Mathias travelling around a lot shooting photos and recording videos, their website offers some quality footage. Mathias is currently working in Southern France and sails on every opportunity, whereas Johannes is on a trip to Maui sailing some big waves and working on some new video projects. Check out their website for further photos and be prepared for more.
Also, I am now officially part of the national RRD Team Germany. Thanks RRD!


Rik said…
Alright PROOOO!!!!

Congratulations man! That's REALLY cool! I always told you RRD was the way to go remember? :)

See you in a few months Malaka!

Mathias Genkel said…
Thanks Rik! Will I see you in April down here?

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