A Modern Odyssee

Egypt was on the top of my list for this winter’s travel destinations. I longed for some warm water in combination with great freestyle conditions - flat water and consistent winds that is. When the Egyptian revolution broke out two days after I had booked my flight, I knew that I was probably not going. So here I was in Germany with a cancelled flight but still willing to travel somewhere. I decided to do a road trip in the end. I would have loved to go to Ireland, Scotland or Brittany, the only problem being that I didn’t have money to buy a wave board as I had just bought a new freestyle board. The forecast looked good for the Netherlands with a low pressure hitting the coast providing some strong south-westerly winds and mild temperatures around 8 degrees. The wind turned out to be really strong and I was just holding on to my 4.2 and the new Patrik freestyle board for 3 days in a row. Here’s a video made by a friend which gives a good impression of the conditions:

Not Egypt from Lennartbruenig on Vimeo.
In the end the cold really got me and I decided to go to Corsica in order to get some milder temperatures in. On the way there my car broke down. So it was back to Germany, spending a night in a hotel, renting a car and driving to my girlfriend’s parents’ house, which was near to where my car had broken down the night before.
After another night in Germany I finally booked a flight to Gran Canaria. The forecast looked quite good and it was one of the last cheap flights left. So here I am in Pozo with only a freestyle board, three sails and no sunblocker. I’ve already had three good days in choppy conditions and good wind for 5.3 and 4.7. It’s funny how you can never tell where life takes you.


Anonymous said…
hehe nice, thats the way ;)
Mark IR 81 said…
Nice one Mathias, hope you get good conditions after all that!

ps. come visit us in Ireland soon, it'll be worth buying a wave board for..wave have been sick lately!

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